Swap and Redeem Real Products on the Blockchain

Share the joy of gift giving and receiving with new people or old friends, all while maintaining your privacy. On Jolly you can tokenize, exchange, sell gifts all while remaining anonymous.


Jolly brings Gift Exchanging into the Modern Age

Create Parties with the people you care about.

Easily invite friends, family, online compatriots to parties based on your interests. Or join a party full of strangers!

You pick out the gifts, we handle the logistics!

With thousands of gifts available, you can be sure to find the perfect gift for the person you're gifting and you are sure to receive something great! All without sharing your address with others!

And many more amazing features!

Give a Gift, Get a Gift

Whenever you purchase a gift for someone, you're guaranteed to get a gift or credit in return!

No Shipping Fees

We want everyone to experience the joy of giving, so we don't ever charge shipping fees!

On-point Notifications

We don't spam you, but you'll be kept up to date with the status of your parties!

Jolly Payouts

Create a party for your business or favorite cause and charge a small fee whenever someone purchases a product in that party. You'll receive 100% of this fee.


Add items to your wishlist so that others can know what to get you! Anyone can see and fulfill these wishes for you!

Web3 Integration

Mint your gifts as NFTs that are usable on the blockchain and redeemable for in real life products on Jolly.